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 Midpoint Program Evaluation

​According to our records, you have reached the mid-point mark in your J-1 program.  We sincerely hope that you are enjoying your program so far.  

This  program consists of a training plan, a cultural essay, midpoint and final evaluations. Your cultural essay should describe cultural activities you have experienced since your arrival and the similarities and/or differences between the United States and your home country.

Per the Department of State J-1 regulations, midpoint and final evaluations as well as cultural essays are a mandatory requirement of your program. Failure to submit within 5 days of this email will result in program suspension until submitted to your sponsor. and you receive confirmation of receipt. In addition, we will need for you to send us the stamped copy of your DS-2019 form. You may scan and email that to us.  


Your Name:                                                                    SEVIS ID:

Host Organization:                                                                         Supervisors Name: 

Current Housing Address:

Is this a new address?                                Phone #                                            Email:

How have your impressions of the United States changed since your arrival? 

What do you feel is the most significant cultural difference between the United States and your home country?

What has been your favorite food since you've arrived?

What holidays have you experienced since coming to the U.S.?

Describe the similarities and differences between politics in the U.S. and your home country. 

What cultural activities have you participated in so far?  

Please compare your personal/professional development from the time you arrived to where you are in your program at this point.

Please give us an example of one of your most positive experiences since your arrival in the U.S. and at your Host Organization.

Please give us an example of one of your most challenging experiences since your arrival in the U.S. and at your Host Organization.

Do you find that your program is meeting your expectations both professionally and personally?  Why or Why Not?

Is your training plan being followed by your supervisor?                                            If not, please explain: 

Do you find your Host Organization/Managers to be helpful in assisting you with your needs and goals?  Why or Why not?

Is your host organization assisting you in participating in cultural events?  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your J-1 program that you feel you need assistance with from your sponsor, please indicate below and one of IEE's team members will contact you.  

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