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Employer FAQs

Will hiring J-1 participants be more "work" for me than hiring local employees?
No way! IEE shoulders many of the typical hiring duties, including, but not limited to: screening language skills, resume review, initial interviews, as well as issuing job offers on your behalf if requested. Please talk with your IEE representative to learn how we can make your job even easier.

What is the difference between Work & Travel (WAT) and the Intern/Trainee Programs?
WAT placements occur only during the participants university summer breaks, for a period of up to four months. I/T placements occur all year round, with the length of stay varying between six to eighteen months.

Shouldn't we be making an effort to hire locally?
Of course. Keep in mind the J-1 Visa Program is regulated by The U.S. State Department, so the goal of this program is to encourage cultural exchanges between countries. Hosting people from different countries exposes your organization to new cultural perspectives and creates an environment for your staff to cultivate new ideas and a more diverse way of thinking. Participants in these programs are highly motivated individuals eager to learn and to share their culture with others creating a more global environment for your organization.

What am I required to pay participants in this program?
You would pay the same hourly rate that you would pay an American worker with the same level experience. As an added bonus, participants in this program will already be covered by insurance, therefore, there is no additional cost to you!

Where will they live and how will they get to work?
In most cases, the majority of our Host Employers have housing & transportation already arranged; however, IEE can assist in arranging housing & transportation in your area, if needed. In addition, most of the participants are used to biking or taking public transportation to and from work.

I only require one or two employees, seasonally. Is that okay?
Absolutely! Try it out just for a season....we are sure you will be impressed with the quality and dedication of our participants. Customers love it too!

What happens if the participant is just not working out?
IEE will step in and mediate the discussions as needed. One of the main duties of a Host Employer is to ensure every effort is made to solve any problems. However, sometimes people just don't "mesh". Depending on the circumstances, the participant may be moved to another employer or return to their home country. If a participant does not abide by the rules and regulations set forth by The State Department, IEE and the Host Employer, their position may be terminated at any time.

Where do the students come from?
All over the world! Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Ghana, India, Korea, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and many more!

What will this program cost me?
Nothing! As the Host Employer, you play an integral part of the exchange program in teaching your interns/trainees a skill. They pay the program fees to participate in the program.