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General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I need to do should I have to travel outside the U.S. during my program?
You must send IEE a letter from Human Resources authorizing the time away from work.  The letter must indicate the date you will be leaving and the date you will return to work.  You will also need to send us your original DS2019 form for an IEE representative's signature.  You will need to send this to us with a pre-paid method to return to you (i.e. federal express, UPS, etc.).   Failure to get our signature on your DS2019 form could result in you not being allowed back into the country.

How can I extend my visa?
There are some instances where an extension of your proram can be granted.  Please contact us for further details.

Can I change my employer?
There may be rare instances where a change in your Host Employer may become necessary. If you feel that it may be necessary for you to change your Host Employer, you must contact IEE to discuss your options. Please note, transfers are not guaranteed and are done on an individual basis.   
IEE's compliance unit is available to discuss your options should this situation arise.  Under no condition should you leave your host organization without prior approval from IEE.  Failure to notify IEE before leaving your current Host Employer will result in TERMINATION of your program and you will be required to return to your home country immediately.

What are some examples where my program could be terminated and I would have to return home?
Failure to contact IEE upon your arrival to the U.S.
Failure to contact IEE should you move to another housing location
Leaving your employment without approval from IEE
Being fired from your program
Breaking U.S. laws

Section 62.40 of J-1 Program Regulations:
(a) A sponsor shall terminate an exchange visitor's participation in its program when the exchange visitor:
(1) Fails to pursue the activities for which he or she was admitted to the United States;
(2) Is unable to continue, unless otherwise exempted pursuant to these regulations;
(3) Violates the Exchange Visitor Program regulations and/or the sponsor's rules governing the program, if, in the sponsor's opinion, termination is warranted;
(4) Willfully fails to maintain the insurance coverage required under §62.14 of these regulations; or
(b) An exchange visitor's participation in the Exchange Visitor Program is subject to termination when he or she engages in unauthorized employment. Upon establishing such violation, the Department of State shall terminate the exchange visitor's participation in the Exchange Visitor Program.