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Reference Letter Guidelines

Each applicant is required to submit two (2) reference letters as part of the application process. Please follow the guidelines below when you are requesting and gathering your letters.

Each letter:

  • Must contain the applicant’s full name.
  • Must be dated and written within the past year.
  • Should be on official letterhead and include an original signature.
  • Must be typed in English. No handwritten letters will be accepted.
  • Should be written by a current or previous professor, current or previous employer or recognized community leader.
  • Must contain the author’s name, title, business or institution, address, telephone number and email address.
  • The body of the letter should contain, at a minimum:
                    - How the author knows the applicant and the nature of their relationship.
                    - How long he/she has known the applicant.
                    - The applicant’s strengths and abilities.
                    - Why the applicant would be well suited to participate in the J-1 program.

Note: Personal reference letters and/or letters written by family members or friends are not acceptable