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J-1 Work and Travel Monthly Check-in

IMPORTANT! This form must Be Sent to IEE each month you are active on the Work and Travel Program!

Part of the J-1 Work and Travel Regulations require that you check in with your sponsor each month you are active on the program.   This is a mandatory requirement.  This form will provide you with an easy way to share your experiences as well as update us on any changes to your physical home or work address. 

Please email this document to info@ieexchanges.com

Your cultural experiences while in the United States are a very important part of your Work and Travel program.  As part of your monthly check-in procedure, we would like for you to share some of the cultural activities you have participated in during that month.  This can include different foods you have experiences, sports activities you have experienced or different places you have seen.    In the space below please provide us with an overview of your monthly cultural activities.   Please send us pictures to be included on our Facebook page !
For a printable version of this form, CLICK HERE